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Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) is a composite material made of polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. It is among the most versatile materials currently in use around the globe, due to its life-span and wear & tear duration compared to conventional materials such as Wood, Concrete and Steel.

FRP is lightweight, non-corrosive, show high specific strength and specific stiffness, can be easily constructed, and tailored to satisfy specific performance requirements.

Lighter than concrete and non-corrosive compared to steel, FRP structures far exceed the life-span of conventional materials without needing repairs.

Due to the characteristics, it is no surprise that FRP use is increasing in almost every type of advanced engineering structure, with their usage ranging from Aircraft, Helicopters, and Spacecraft through to boats, ships and offshore platforms and to automobiles, sports goods, chemicals processing equipment and civil infrastructures such as bridge and buildings.

Color options, gloss or rough finishing added with custom strength requirements and easy molding makes it a perfect long-lasting solution for your construction and accessory needs. Its non-corrosive property is essential to the salt intensive Maldivian weather.

Grey Dots Strip



Full weather seal solution for your utility needs. Fire extinguishers to Electrical service boxes, Everyday utility boxes for any type of condition.

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Any watertight solid design can be used for outdoor or indoor planters.
The vast array of possibilities FRP brings to planters is only limited by
one's own creativity.

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