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Miyavaali Group Statement

The management of Miyavaali Group would like to express our sincere & deepest condolences to those who were affected by the fire, which happened recently. Our heart goes out to the families affected by this deep tragedy. In this sensitive situation, it is with great sorrow the management is releasing this statement about the accident. We would like to clarify that the accident which occurred on 20th September 2019 was not at one of Miyavaali Group/Guarantee Fiberglass godowns. The location/warehouse where the incident occurred is in no way or form related to the Miyavaali Group. We would also like to further clarify that our godown where chemicals are stored (G. Fehimaage, Lonuziyaarai Magu) is thoroughly compliant with the current safety standards as issued by the Government. It is inspected by MDNF on a regular basis with appropriate fire & safety measures in place. Furthermore, we regularly renew our licenses and inspect all our godowns to undertake proper safety measures. Out of the 82 Chemical storage godowns operated by various companies in Male' (as per the report by the Govt) Miyavaali occupies only 1 which stores chemical goods - that is, as stated earlier, in compliance with all the safety measures and regularly inspected by MNDF. The press releases and tweets being generated about our company are based on false allegations without proper investigation or evidence. Being engaged in this business for over 30 years we are doing everything possible to keep our godowns safe from any kind of hazardous accidents. We want to assure the general public and the residents nearby the area where our chemical godown is located, that we are doing our best to find an alternative location to store our products. We believe that this is the best course of action for our community and that all companies should follow suit to ensure the safety of our population. We urge the residents nearby our godown to bear with us in the meantime and give them our assurance that we are finding an alternative solution. We hope this clarifies any kind of misleading information that seems to be going around on twitter.

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